Aadha Love


Releasing Date : JUN 9, 2017

Run Time : 1 Hrs 40 Min

Director : Arpan Thapa

Genre : Drama

Cast : Arpan Thapa, Reecha Sharma, Mithila Sharma, Raymon DasShrestha



Adha Love is a commentary on the contemporary Nepali society and draws our attention to the evolving dynamics of relationships, which is slowly but certainly shaping the emergent understanding of urban life. The film is an unforgettable tour through the lives of five different families, who despite being the resident of the same apartment are living worlds apart, trying to untangle the threads of love and life to find meaning and contentment. This is the story of every individual, who is trying to find his/her share of love and happiness in a society, where both the things are in short supply.